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Student Special Airfares

We have been specializing in the Student segment for over 2 decades and have built up sales volumes with which we have worked out special pricing with various airlines.

So we can get you the Best Deals in terms of fare, connectivity, free baggage allowance, Departure / Arrival times or Layover time.

  • No Transit Visa
  • Decent Arrival times
  • No Airport changeovers
  • No Overnight layovers

BLOCK n BUY; Save over Rs.10,000 /-

block choose buy air tickets

We do FREE Blocking

Blocking of seats helps you save more than Rs.10,000. Quite unbelievable but true! We do FREE Blocking; it ensures hassle-free and economical travel in the Airline of your choice. We look for flights based on your preference of travel dates, airlines, connections, baggage allowance. We will send you multiple flight options, valid upto 2 days. Select the Best option, pay the ticket fare and we will issue your tickets.

Don't wait for visa or I-20 even !

If you have finalized your US Univ and sure of reporting dates, buy air tickets. Don’t wait for visa or I-20 even. Even if you have to cancel, you will lose upto Rs.10,000 only. So fix your US city and travel dates, contact us and we will Block your seats FREE, valid upto 2 days.

Note: You can not arrive in USA more than 30 days before your reporting date as per I-20. Neither can you arrive later than the reporting date without prior approval from Univ.

Extra Baggage Allowance

Normal Free Baggage Allowance to USA destinations is 2 x 23Kg Check-in Baggage plus 7 Kg Cabin Baggage.
The cost of 3rd check-in baggage is USD 200.

The following Airlines offer an Extra 3rd Check-in baggage of 23 Kg absolutely FREE of cost for students.*

extra baggage allowance
  • Air India
  • Emirates
  • Qatar Airways
  • Etihad Airways
  • Turkish Airlines

*Terms & Conditions apply.

Student Health Insurance

buy insurance

Health insurance is mandatory in US Univs

So you cannot avoid it. And medical expenses can be very high. Most of the Univs will bundle Insurance schemes along with Tuition fees, which normally is about USD 100 per month. We offer you insurance at less than USD 30 per month and with additional features!

For just $1 a day, at one-third US price, get insured for $250,000 and feel secure.

Policy Features

  • Cashless, Comprehensive
  • Widely accepted by Univs
  • 24 x 7 accessibility
  • Accident and sickness reimbursement
  • Compassionate visit – 2 way
  • Sponsor Protection

Visa Assistance

visa assistanceWe can help you with online filling up and scheduling of visa appointments. The visa fees is subject to change due to fluctuating Forex rates.

Pay Sevis Fee USD 200 before  visa interview.
Note: Sevis fee once paid is neither refundable nor transferable.

Helpful Links

FREE Visa Counseling

Being first timers, all students undergo a harrowing time before issue of visa, consulting people all round, finally getting confused and clueless as to how it works.

Contact us and we will offer you FREE visa counseling with regard to documentation and how to handle the visa interview, thereby making you feel more comfortable and confident.

Visa Bytes ..

  • Be yourself.
  • Give valid answers for choice of study program & Univ and career plans.
  • Show proof of funding.
  • Don’t panic, you can succeed in the next attempt also.
What are you waiting for? Contact us now.
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